Proceedings of the workshops
The proceedings and chaptered videos of the following workshops are available:
  • Identification of the needs in the area of plant safety management (link)
  • Technologies of data acquisition and modeling (to be published soon)
  • Aging technologies (to be published soon)
  • Aging methodologies (link)
  • Analysis of the degradation laws and kinetics, and the implementation of probabilistic / deterministic approaches (link)
Public reports

Most of the reports for the project will be public. The "Aging community" will be informed via newsletters about the release of these documents.

  • D1.1 Identification of the needs to improve aging management (link)
  • D1.2 Mapping of the existing standard and regulations (link)
  • D1.3 Proceedings of the workshop “Expression of the needs to improve aging management” (link)
  • D2.1 A report for the aging concerns (link)
  • D2.2 Proceedings of the workshop on aging technologies (link)
  • D2.3 Proceedings of the workshop on aging methodologies (link)
  • D3.1 Note describing the test cases, the elements to be compared and the approach (link)
  • D3.2 Report on the data collection, including a guide & recommendations concerning collection of operation feedback on structures and collection of monitoring data (link1, link2, link3)
  • D3.3 Report on the analysis of the degradation laws and kinetics (link)
  • D3.4 Report on the benchmark with a guide for implementing a probabilistic / deterministic study devoted to structural safety analysis concerning the monitoring data and their treatment (link)
  • D3.5 Guide on prevention & mitigation, and integration for aging management (link)
  • D4.1 First draft of 2 guidance documents, ready for review by the experts involved in the project (link)
  • D4.2 EN Risk based inspection as an example of future standards to be developed (link)
  • D5.1 Strategic Research Agenda for a safe life extension of the infrastructures (link)
  • D5.2 Research Priorities (chapter 5 of the Strategic Research Agenda - D5.1)
  • D6.1 Note describing the business cases and their components (link)
  • D6.2 Report on social, economical and technical barriers (chapter 4 of the Strategic Research Agenda - D5.1)
  • D6.3 Report with roadmap, business cases and recommendation future research (chapter 6 of the Strategic Research Agenda - D5.1)