Cookies: R-Tech/EU-VRi cookie policy
1.    R-Tech/EU-VRi do not use cookies in any systematic manner, but only in a limited number of specific circumstances in which the user benefits from the use of particular cookies - for example by not having to repeatedly provide a password.
2.    No use is made of cookies by us to gather any personal information about you. Any personal information you provide (e.g. by registering for use of certain services) is not connected with cookies, is solely for use by the R-Tech/EU-VRi service, and will not be communicated to third parties.
3.    We do not permit the use of third party cookies.
4.    Users should be aware that by following links provided in our pages they may arrive on webpages that are not part of R-Tech/EU-VRi sites and thus not under our control or responsibility. Some of these pages may be published by organizations with different cookie policies and may set cookies.
5.    We reserve the right to modify our policy and practice in the use of cookies at any moment without prior notice - however, our objectives to respect the privacy of each user and to use cookies solely for the purpose of improving the service provided (e.g. by saving the user time, reducing inconvenience, anticipating requirements, etc.) will remain unchanged. We will also notify users of any changes in cookie policy by announcement on our websites.
6.    Users who set their PC browsers to block cookies (either in general, or - on some browsers - just for a particular website URL) will still be able to view and use our pages. However, by blocking cookies, the user may experience inconveniences such as needing to repetitively provide passwords, or to repeatedly refuse an automatic transaction request. (NB: We have observed that users working with some older browser versions may experience some operating difficulties with cookies.)