Knowledge exchanged during the project will be collated in the form of reports and conclusions of discussion workshops. In addition, it is foreseen to prepare guidance documents and initiate documentary standards based on the results of the project. Finally, the community constituted thanks to the project will agree on a common vision, prepare the strategic research agenda and implementation strategy that will be operated jointly under the supervision of the ECTP reFINE initiative and ETPIS SafeFuture.

The most important outcomes of the project will be: 

  • Proceeding of the thematic workshops
  • Guidance documents and documentary standards
  • Strategic Research Agenda and Roadmap (implementation strategy)
  • Creation of a “aging” community (active network) with a stakeholder platform
  • Cross fertilization and awareness raising about methods and tools to manage aging
  • Inform the preparation of new regulation in EU and OECD countries (through the liaison with the OECD working group on Chemical Accidents)

These outcomes will be the features to propose a “New Approach” for aging management. “New Approach” means:

  • “Global” as defined in the Guide to the Implementation of Directives Based on New Approach and Global Approach from the EC to avoid divergences between regional regulations,
  • “Dynamic” in order to develop durable and suitable solutions,
  • “Leading to service” in order to create a new market for the construction sector.