The overall goal of the project is to improve aging management for infrastructures networks and industrial plants so that their availability is maximize and their management is cost effective. The project strategy is based on the following operational objectives:

  • Enable mutual exchanges and cross-fertilization between several industry sectors to improve the general practices for aging management
  • Capitalize the best practices into guidance documents and into documentary standards
  • Prepare the future with a strategic research agenda and an implementation strategy

The project is therefore organized around 7 workpackages (Coordinating activities), that are presented in the figure below.

The project is designed to set up a collaborative process that enables:

  • flexibility regarding the topics addressed, because the situation on aging management is evolving very quickly around the world
  • reactivity to invite new experts according to new technological developments or the evolving policies and public debate
  • collaboration to support the mutual exchanges, the sharing of experience and cross fertilization thanks to a critical mass from various sectors and countries to prepare guidance documents and standards that support a cost-effective aging management.